Above:An Ogden's Cigarette tab from 1902
(L-R) Annie Jones-Bearded Lady,Annie Howard- tattooed lady, Lia May- Giantess, Unidentified giant, Prof. Frank Howard- tattooed man, The Girl with the Mossy Hair- Circassian Lady

Grace McDaniels

George Auger
Willie Camper
Cliff Thompson
Col. Ruth Goshen
Johann Petursson
Anna Swan and Martin Vanburen Bates
JG Tarver
Al Tomaini
Robert Wadlow

Alicia Bounds
Alzoria Lewis and Johanna Dickens
Floyd Duck

The Girl From Goes
Grady Stiles

Asra The Pinhead Dwarf
Athelia The Monkey Girl
The Aztec Children
Pip and Flip
The Aztec Girls
Pigmys from Abbyssinnia

Millie-Christine McKoy
Mary and Arrita
Rosa and Josepha Blazek
Chang and Eng Bunker
Faked Act
Mary and Margaret Gibb
Daisy and Violet Hilton
Liou Seng-Sen and Liou Tang-Sen
Giovanni and Giacomo Tocci
Yvette and Yvonne McCarther
Mary and Rosa Drouin

Isaac W. Sprague

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Serpentina and dog postcard
Gondio postcard

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Eli Bowen/Charles Tripp Cabinet Card
May Joe postcard
Lucia Zarate cdv
Millie Christine Flyer
Lionel the Lion Faced Boy Newspaper Article

Millie Lamar
Tom Jack

Frank E. Fithen
Frances O'Connor
Ann E. Leak
Kitty Smith
Martha Morris
Charles Tripp
Ray Myers

Medusa Van Allen

Clara Snell
The Farmer Fat Family
Happy Jack Eckhardt
Ruby and Wilfrid Westwood
Maria Staessen

The Sacred Hairy Family of Burma
JoJo The Russian Dog-Faced Boy
Alice Doherty
Lionel The Lion Faced Man
Jrma Loustau
Lionette The Lion-Faced Girl
Moro Monkey Boys
The Seven Sutherland Sisters
Frances Lopez
Eleanor Taranto
Alistair MacWilkie

Albert Pilgrim
Freida Pushnik

"Ossification is the process of bone formation, in which connective tissues, such as cartilage are turned to bone or bone-like tissue." -wikipedia. In most cases an ossified person becomes rigid and completely unable to move, with the exception of maybe a finger or two.
Roy Bard
Jolly Dolly Regan
Charles Porter
Frank Worden

Koo Koo The Bird Girl

Esther Blackmon
John The Alligator Boy
Susi The Elephant Skinned Girl

Anna-John Budd

Waino and Plutano
Eko and Iko

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Anato Hayes
Art Hubell

Fanny Mills
Sylvia Porter
Fransisco Sandoval Rios

Fred Walters

A. Souslin

Shrunken Heads
Hananuma Masakichi
Mike the Headless Rooster

Eli Bowen
Mlle. Gabrielle
Wesley Upperman
Bill Cole
Dick Hilburn
Jeanie Tomaini

Lucia Zarate
Margarita Aspeitia
Che Mah
Jimmy Cooley
Admiral Dot
Major Chas Gantz
General Mite
The Murray Midgets
Carl Norwood
Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren
Nicholi The Little Russian Prince
Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren

Betty Lou Williams
Frank Lentini
Jean Jacques Libbera
May Joe
Maxine Mina
Myrtle Corbin
Piramel Sami

Andy The Sea Lion
Sealo The Seal Boy

Lorett Fulkerson

Below:A Ripley's postcard displaying a variety of skin diseases.