Ann E. Leak (1839-?)
Armless Wonder
Like most armless wonders, Leak could perform all sorts of tasks without arms. She could write, and sew, and was also able to dress and feed herself. Her beautiful penmanship as well as humorous prose makes her one of the more well known armless wonders. On the back of her photos she would often write humorous poems:
"I write poetry and prose with a pen between my toes"
"Of hands deprived. Of toes derived"
Like most people during the Civil War Leak's family was in desperate need of money. Through exhibition she was able to care for not only her immediate family but for her parents as well.
  • Carte De Visites
    The back reads: " This is toe writing. Ann E. Leak.
    born without arms. Zebulon Pike Co. Georgia
    Dec 28 1870

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